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The Medina of Sfax is yet another great way to enjoy Tunisia and her bounty. The Medina has a wealth of culture for a traveler craving adventure and diversity and can be a great way to meet some locals and mix into the city in a Tunisian way.

The Archaeological Museum situated in Sfax city hall can be exciting if you’re a museum fan or are keen on learning about Tunisia and her cities histories. The mosaics are beautiful and are often loved by foreigners, it has some rich history worth seeing.

Dar Jellouli Museum: In a XVIIIth century patrician house, in the heart of the medina of the capital of the south, a regional museum of popular arts and traditions has been established. The house itself was bequeathed by one of the great families of the Sfaxian bourgeoisie and is in the pure classical style of stately Tunisian houses, behind a relatively modest façade.

La Kasbah: The fortress of Sfax is another historic location definitely worth a visit. The Fortress is a great blast from the past, once again luring a history driven traveler to its old foundations. It is found at the southern corner of the Medina and is a great way to get out of the noisy centre of the Medina.